Trolley Square

Trolley Square provides young professionals the ammentities of a city with the feel of a small town. The neighborhood provides dining, shopping and entertainment on every block.

Rockford TowerJust north of the main intersections is Rockford Park where dog owners and those looking for some outdoor activity gather on warm days. At the top of the hill is Rockford Tower, a Wilmington landmark that is over 100 years old and stands atop a hill that provides some of the most beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Brandywine RiverLocated adjacent to the Trolley Square area is the Brandywine Park which runs along both sides of the Brandywine River. The park is perfect for picnics, jogging, biking and other activities in and around the gardens, monuments and other facilities including tennis courts and a basketball court.

Shopping CenterTrolley Square's rich history dates back to 1864 when the city’s horse-drawn trolleys, electric trolleys and buses could be found in a large bard located on Delaware Avenue at the corners of Du Pont and Clayton streets. After the buses were moved under the interstate, the barns remained vacant until 1978 when they were demolished. In their place, the Trolley Square Shopping Center was built which is conveniently located within walking distance of downtown Wilmington and provides such useful shops as a convenience store, dry cleaning services, a shipping depot and more.

Trolley SquarePublic transportation also recognizes Trolley Square with several major routes passing through the neighborhood. Whether you are spending an afternoon shopping, visiting the galleries, enjoying the weather in the park or meeting your friends out for a drink at one of the many unique bars or cafe's in the neighborhood, Trolley Square has something for everyone.